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Water Main Project: Pulaski

Project No: 1701023

What: New water main being installed in the ward

Anticipated Start Date: Late-March 2018

Anticipated End Date: Late June 2018

Affected Areas

  • Pulaski (Argyle to Wilson)

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Updates for Water Main Project: Pulaski

April 25, 2018

Work underway- N&S lanes open

This project is underway, and will not be worked on during rush hour. North and South lanes will remain open.

April 25, 2018

No Rush Hour Work

This project is underway and will not be worked on during rush hour. North and South lanes will remain open.

May 22, 2018

Pipe Installation Complete

The pipeline installation for this project is now complete.

Over the next few weeks the new pipe will be pressurized, disinfected with chlorine and tested. We will then begin the process of switching services from the old main to the new main. During that transfer period you will be without water for a few hours. Your building will receive a handout notifying you when your water service will be temporarily interrupted prior to the service transfer.

Flushing after Your Service Line has been Connected to the New Water Main

Once your old water main has been replaced and your water service has been connected to the new water main, it is important to flush your plumbing of any sediment, rust or metals, including any lead to maintain water quality.

Sediment, rust and metals, including any lead may collect in the aerator screen located at the tip of your faucets. These screens should be removed prior to flushing.

Routine Flushing

If your water line has been idle or stagnant for more than 6-hours, it is advised that you flush for at least 5 minutes to maintain water quality. This may include flushing the toilet, taking a shower and doing laundry.

Once the services have been transferred, the street will be temporarily restored with concrete until complete restoration of the street with asphalt can be done. ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps will be repaired or installed where needed, along with repair of damaged parkway and sidewalk. The final restoration of the street will include milling the surface, placing new asphalt, and painting the street markings.

The restoration schedule is subject to change and may be impacted by adverse weather conditions. Asphalt is not available during winter months, which may delay the final restoration of the street. Final restoration will occur late spring.

You will receive additional notifications as the project proceeds.

If you have questions about this project or the project notifications program, please email Helpdesk.

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