Project Updates

Peoples Gas // Intersection of Leoti & Le Mai

People's Gas contractor KS Energy plans to start work at the intersection of Leoti & Le Mai around the second week of March; this project is expected to be finished by the end of March.
General construction letters are being sent out to customers in this area to let them know about the work; no services will be impacted by this work.

Project Scope:

  • Install approximately 37’ of 6” low pressure plastic gas main (replace in place project for upcoming Sewer work in June).
  • Retire approximately 34’ of 6” low pressure cast iron gas main.
  • PGL will open cut the street in the intersection of Leoti & Le Mai.
  • No services will be affected by construction.
  • All work will take place in the street with a couple openings in the parkway.
  • PGL will restore base to grade concrete with final restoration to be completed by Sewer under Sewer PN6981
  • PGL will perform final restoration on any area not within the street (parkway/sidewalk).


Updates for Peoples Gas // Intersection of Leoti & Le Mai

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