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Harding Ave Water Main


Project: The Department of Water Management will soon be installing 1,121 feet of 8-inch water main in N. Harding Avenue, from 470 feet north of W. Argyle Street to W. Ainslie Street.

Reason: The old pipe dates back to 1909 and needs to be replaced.

Timing: We will begin installing the new water main shortly, and expect the water main work to be completed in early January 2014. Restoration will follow in mid April 2014. Dates may change depending on weather and other factors. If there is any appreciable change, we will notify you.

Traffic: We will allow traffic to flow on N. Harding Avenue outside of our working hours. When we are working in the street, we have to close it to traffic for reasons of safety. You will always be able to reach your home or business, even if it means putting a metal plate in place. Outside of working hours, a lane will be left open for local traffic only.

Parking: We will post our work area for “No Parking” as needed, during work hours (7am-4pm). We are agreeable to parking outside of those hours, but will have to insist that cars be moved by the start of the next workday. We will try to preserve as much parking as we can.





773- 736-5594




What if there is a problem? There are always surprises in any construction project. If you have any concerns or questions, you can ask our foreman in the street. You can also call Assistant Commissioner Tom LaPorte directly at 312-742-1021. His cell is on the voicemail message, in case it’s off hours.

Can I park when you’re not working? We have no problem with you parking outside of our working hours. We have to insist that cars be out of our way at the start of the workday.

Will this ever end? Yes. As a matter of fact, the water main job is slated to conclude in early January 2014. Restoration will be follow in mid April 2014. We always hesitate to promise specific dates, since we are at the mercy of other factors like weather and emergencies elsewhere in town.

Will you shut my water off? Yes, maybe a couple of times. When we switch over the services from the old main to the new main, we interrupt service. We give you 24-hour notice when this is to happen. In any construction project, there is also a risk that an old pipe will break. They can be fragile. This may necessitate an emergency shutdown. If we do this, we will let you know what is happening, even though we may be unable to give prior warning.

Why should I be nice about this? The crew working in the street will work hard to be good neighbors, and to respect both your convenience and your quality-of-life. By working together, we can complete this important project as friends working for the improvement of our community.

After your old water main has been replaced and you have been connected to your new water main, please open all your water faucets and hose taps and flush your water for 3 to 5 minutes. Sediment and metals can collect in the aerator screen located at the tip of your faucets. These screens should be removed prior to flushing. This flushing will help maintain optimum water quality by removing sediment, rust, or any lead particulates that may have come loose from your property’s water service line as a result of the water main replacement. If you have any questions or concerns about your water quality, please call us at 312-744-8190.

Updates for Harding Ave Water Main

January 27, 2014

Harding Water Main Update

Installation of the new water mains is complete. Street restoration will occur in Spring, 2014.

January 2, 2019

New Start Date

The start date for this project has been adjusted to early January 2019.

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