Project Updates

Peoples Gas // Multiple Intersections

Please be aware that a new Peoples Gas Project will be starting in the ward at the end of May 2017.

  • Sewer is projected to start work on 05/31/2017. PGL is expected to be out of conflict with Sewer before this date.
  • PGL engineering is still waiting on Sewer to approve the project before they release this work.
  • This project consists of 6 replace in place intersections. The intersections are as follows:
    • Kentucky Ave & Elston Ave
    • Kenneth Ave & Lawrence Ave
    • Kenneth Ave & Ainslie St
    • Kenneth Ave & Carmen Ave
    • Tripp Ave & Ainslie St
    • Keeler Ave & Ainslie St
  • All of PGL’s work will take place in the street for these intersections with a few openings to in the sidewalk/parkway.

As far as a timeframe of when we will start and finish, it is estimated we’ll start sometime around the first week of May and wrap up around the 3rd week of May.

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